Thursday, January 21, 2010

Internet Not Always Right!

Online information can be misguiding!

Just because it's on-line doesn't mean it's the right information! Always keep this in mind, take other's family trees and labels on pictures with a grain of salt.

I always check the info I get off the Internet because I have come across wrong information all over the place! I will have a document in my hand with a certain date, maiden name, cause of death, etc, and find online where someone has entered their data wrong.

Just because a relative said that Aunt Helen died on March 5, 1867 doesn't mean that is accurate information. It is always best to do the legwork and find the death and document it from that source.

Although, all documents are not 100% completely right I go with the document over someone’s memory of what Grandmother told Aunt Lucy who told cousin George who is now telling me what he thinks he knows.

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