Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heritage: A journey to find family stories

In the beginning as I was learning about my ancestors I realize there are so many stories to discover. I had a huge break through recently that has come as such a surprise. Unbeknownst to our family our great grandmother on my father’s mother’s side was a British Home Child. You can read it about it on my blog at this link:
OR click on the title of this post and you will go straight to it.

As I researched my family lineage I found myself learning new ways and places to search. I found myself feeling extremely accomplished as my family tree grew. Making connections linking famous nineteenth century Canadian explores with my distant or not so distant relatives was fascinating.

With this journey I have motivated, educated and inspired family and friends to grow their family tree with success. That is exactly what I hope I can do for you as well. Follow along and join in on the growth of your heritage.

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