Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Two Cents...

I think that the many people who throw their “weight” (power, education, job title, knowledge) around are the ones who need a wake up call. They are not thinking ahead to the future when making decisions; they are simply solving a problem now. There are some many things wrong with this process that I couldn’t even begin to tell you the ramifications we are going to have to deal with in the future.

These big wigs need to learn from our history books, it's all right there laid out in front of you to educate yourself with but for some reason “they” think they know what they are doing. Leading their country into a complete and utter mess. Then they walk away when they see what they’ve done only to leave someone else to clean up.

The education system is completely out of control with grade 13 dropped, all grade curriculum’s had been bumped back two years and it is only leading our children down paths of failure, which leads to giving up and a future society that has adults who are ill-equipped. These young generations have to think older than their years to keep up with what the teachers expect from them. That in turn is producing children who feel like they have little or no control by the time they reach high school which forces them to act out, disrespect peers and educators more then the generations before them.

The only solution I see to our problems is to learn from our History. Revert back to the way our ancestors lived. Life should be simple and happy. I don’t see how we can accomplish that unless we retrace our ancestor’s steps. Maybe that is what we need to do so that the world can be a better place to live and raise our children. I see nothing but disaster in our futures if something isn’t done now.

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