Friday, January 29, 2010

Keep working at it!

Your genealogical experience will be motivating, educational and inspirational. You will come in contact with family lineage you didn’t even know existed, your research will be time well spent and you will enjoy yourself as you go.

There are many resources for public use I have given you but you will find many more as you go.

The information presented in my blog is for getting started or to give new resources (ie: key sites, archives) to those who have already started but have come to a stand still and need ideas to continue. Genealogy research can get very in-depth so much so that it is impossible to write about the entire subject, simply because everyone is lead down a different path which is their individualized Family Tree. You will learn a great deal as you travel through and where they have more comprehensive and complex searchable areas.

As you collect information, and watch your family tree grow you will gain a great sense of accomplishment.

Till next time I wish you good luck on your findings.

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